The house: Ground floor First floor- Roof - Garden

Ground floor: A large corridor crossing offers the prospect of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 suites and 1 with balneotheraphy bath. Exposed mainly to the north, these air-conditioned suites are always very fresh. On the terrace overlooking the garden, a lounge area with its garden furniture, allows a moment of escape immune to extreme heat. A fitted kitchen with its gas grill offers you the opportunity to have lunch in the shade and dinner under an illuminated garden.

Agency MOA

On the first floor: this floor plan was made to follow the path of the sun during the day. 2 suites including the main one with its balneo bath receive the light from rising sun. The dining room / lounge benefits from the light of midday. Library also has a very cozy atmosphere has a breathtaking view of the Bec de l'Aigle and the bay of La Ciotat and the loggia with its barbecue offers a lovely view of the sunset.

On the roof: A sun-deck offers breathtaking views of the sea and the ships passing the Cape. The infinity pool is 15 meters long perched 7 meters high allow to swim from east to west with the sea for one line on the horizon. The jacuzzi allows to take sun bath or just relax in best conditions.

The garden: Terraces of three 50 m long home to a dozen centenary olive trees, Aleppo pines, palms and Mediterranean plants of 3000 m in area.