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Speech by Jean Jacques Aillaguon, Minister of Culture of 04/02/2004 for the price of the Sylver bracket (Prix de l’Equerre d’Argent) to Julien Monfort 2004 :

« I would also like to mention the reference in the First Work Prize 2004, awarded to Julien Montfort for the extension of a private home in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer. The architect proposes the conversion of a dwelling holiday house from 50ies. How would we forget the amazing space you have imagined on the roof in the heart of a swimming pool, which covers the entire area, a terrace overlooking the sea Like an island in levitation above the Mediterranean, whole is striking »

Agency MOA

Parution :

Marie claire house in July 2010: a loft in the Mediterranean.
Beach Houses, Ed Aubanel 2007: "Villa Thomke" by Louisa Wattson.
Extra-Muros, Ed Archibooks 2007: "Architectures of enchantment, " City of Architecture and Heritage, P. Goulet & B. Borsdorf.
Architecture Tomorrow, Ed Terrail 2006: "An island on the Roof " by Francis Rambert.
International Beach Houses, Ed Atrium 2005, Barcelona: Villa Thomke "by Carlos Almoina-Gual.
Coming Up No. 12, July 2005: "Mysterious Island" by Eric Foucher.
Modern Building No. 117, October 2004: "The radicalism at the heart of the Landscape" by Sylvie Chirat.
Monitor No. 5228, February 2004: "Villa in the Var Thomke: Transcending the ordinary".
CMA Annual 2003: "Villa Thomke Port Alon" by Sylvie Levrat.
CMA No. 140, February 2004: "DETAILS great opening" by Jean Francois Caille.
Monitor No. 5214, October 2003: "Mention award for Best First Film" Thomke to the villa at the port of Alon.
CMA No. 138, November 2003: "La Plage on the Roof " by Patrice Goulet.

Architect: Laure Pantel and Julien Monfort. site: